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5 Reasons You Should Consider Traveling to Managua


With its white-sand beaches, volcanic peaks, and rich culture, Nicaragua has long been a popular destination for backpackers and those who are just looking to get away from it all. The capital city of Managua may not be the most popular of the area’s tourist attractions, but it has plenty to offer travelers who are looking to learn more about the country’s history and people. For those who have never been to Managua before, here are five reasons why you should visit this delightful city while you travel through Nicaragua. To find out about delays or any interruptions it is advisable to do a flight search to find out the status of your Spirit Airlines flights.


1) Visit the capital city
Managua is a city whose heart and soul is still beating strongly after decades of political and social struggle. The capital of Nicaragua is a place that thrives on culture. If you’re interested in seeing how Nicaraguan history has shaped Nicaraguan arts, literature, music, and politics, then Managua may be for you. It’s also an excellent city for food-lovers. The food here draws from diverse cultures—Arabic, Spanish, Caribbean, African—and combines them into some of Central America’s most unique dishes. And did we mention that there are great beaches nearby?


2) The Las Colinas neighborhood
Las Colinas is a neighborhood located in an exclusive part of Managua called Los Robles. It’s a newer area, though it retains old-world charm. Many of its homes have been converted into bed and breakfasts, some with shared rooms and others with private suites available for nightly or weekly rental. Additionally, you can find well-maintained parks that are great for families, along with museums and open spaces designed for socializing or relaxing. If you’re looking for a change of pace from large cities but still want access to public transportation and restaurants and shops, then Las Colinas could be your new home away from home when visiting Nicaragua.


3) The upcoming artsy district
The capital of Nicaragua is home to a growing arts scene. The city has many museums and galleries that are worth checking out, including a new art district called Acapulco. The new district is starting off strong by bringing a series of music festivals to celebrate everything from local acts to Latin American hits. It’s still in its early stages but if you’re interested in experiencing a vibrant artistic movement as it grows, then head down south and soak up some culture in one of Central America’s cultural hubs! For more information about lodging, check out Managua All Inclusive Hotels.


4) A day trip to Masaya Volcano
This active volcano is located just outside of Nicaragua’s capital city. Although it’s not yet spewed lava in centuries, it remains an impressive sight, rising more than 1700 feet above sea level. The road that leads up to its crater is steep and windy, but well worth it when you reach one of nature’s most powerful forces. If you have time during your trip to Nicaragua, definitely plan a day trip—or even overnight stay—at Masaya Volcano. Connect with live person at Spirit Airlines Customer Services for


5) Experience the culture
Nicaragua is best known for its economic and political struggles, but many outsiders haven’t yet discovered its rich cultural heritage. At one point, Nicaragua was home to dozens of indigenous groups and languages, including 12 that are now extinct. So when you visit, consider visiting museums and ruins dedicated to archaeological finds from pre-Columbian Nicaragua. One of my favorite spots in town is El Museo de las Momias (The Museum of Mummies), where researchers have found over 400 mummified remains, many dating back thousands of years. But even if you’re not into museums or archaeology, Nicaragua still has much to offer: beautiful beaches, magnificent volcanoes and tropical forests – all great places for a relaxing trip.